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Worship Team January 2010 Report

Calendar of Events

March – Worship Team Auditions
April 4 – Easter Service
April 23 – Open Mic Night/Talent Show (fundraiser)
May 15 – Battle of the Bands (fundraiser)
June – Cleaning, Maintenance, and Inventory
September 25 & 26 – Pacifica Fog Fest
October – Church Anniversary
December 18 – Cleaning, Maintenance, and Inventory
December – Christmas Service

Rehearsals – Rehearsals usually happen on Saturdays at church unless previously scheduled.

Prayer Nights – The worship team or special prayer night worship team will be available for prayer nights.

3rd Saturday – Extended rehearsals that include devotion and fellowship.

Resource “Wish List”
  • Upgraded equipment (~$2500)
  • Copier/Printer supplies (~$200)
  • Blank CDs (~$50)
  • Sweatshirts (~$750)
  • Bridgepoint Worship Team CD (fundraiser, needs starting costs)
  • Training Workshops/Materials (~$2100)
  • Software/Subscriptions (~$350)
  • Batteries (~$30)

2009 Overview

We survived. The worship team had a late start in direction but worked it out throughout the year. Some of the challenges in 2009 were scheduling people for prayer nights. We also lost and gained musicians. In March, a choir was made for Easter service.

The worship team grew as a group this year. We have been able to communicate more effectively with each other about the changes throughout the year. An example of how we grew, is when a majority of the team watched Hillsong United Live: We’re All In This Together. The worship team also gathers for several hours to prep for special events. Overall, the entire worship team spent a little over 300 hours in service for the year. This does not include individual practice and training.

Some members of the worship team were able to attend training from Hillsong Encounter in Los Angeles and the Thriving Musician Summit in Sacramento. The training brought in new techniques of leadership, communication, growth, and musical skill. This training opened up new doors for team members to broaden their individual visions and goals for themselves and the group.

The use of our email list created a streamlined workflow in the group and we recently added the media team. In November, we collaborated with the Children’s Ministry for a special performance.

We organized the rooms in the sanctuary to hold our equipment, music sheets, and supplies. The Ushering team also has space in the cabinets to hold their materials.

We purchased amplifiers for guitars and upgraded the speakers on the main speakers.

The worship team was able to put together a couple of song selections for the church anniversary. Despite some acoustic challenges, we understand the difference between indoor and outdoor events. The dedication of team came out for our anniversary and Christmas services.

2010 Goals

Apprenticeship – The worship team will be looking for understudies/apprentices throughout 2010. The goal is to have an apprentice for every worship team member. Once selected, we will integrate them into the worship team and service. We will hold rehearsals in the first quarter of the year.

Youth Band – Create a new youth band as a subset of our apprenticeship efforts. We will collaborate our efforts with the Youth Ministry.

Ministry Integration – We will work with other ministries on special performances.

Training Workshops and Materials – Have members of the team attend development and training events to expand their skills. We can also purchase books, dvds, and cds as a training resource.

Suggestions for training workshops:
  • Thriving Musician Summit (September 17 & 18, 2010) in Sacramento
  • Roland Worship Summit (part of NAMM)
  • Hillsong Conference

Fellowship and Devotion – We are scheduling every 3rd practice of the month as a time for a devotional to help our group grow together spiritually. We also plan to have other fellowship opportunities with the church membership.

Website – Develop worship team website. Move worshipteam@tamina.net to a Bridgepoint domain. Possibly create an online scheduling system.

Outreach – Reach out to the Pacifica community by participating in a beach clean up day. We plan to create an open dialogue with other worship teams in the WIN network.

Operations – Develop/update a worship team manual. The manual will describe how we work as a team. Create a means for the worship team to be a self-supporting group in Bridgepoint.

  • Ryan Alon – Music Ministry Director
  • Aggie Canlas – Instrumentalist Leader
  • Jackie Guingona – Vocalist Leader

We currently have about 20 members in the music ministry.

Fundraising Opportunities

Open Mic/Talent Show – April 23, 2010

We will open up our doors to the congregation/community and host an open mic/talent show night. Fundraising will happen via entrance fee donations and/or through food and beverage sales.

Battle of the Bands – May 15, 2010

The idea is to invite other worship teams to the church and have an exhibition that highlights different musical styles and talents. While building relationships in the community with other music teams, fundraising will happen via food and beverage sales.

Bridgepoint Worship CD – October 2010

Create a Bridgepoint Worship Team CD that we can sell by October 2010. The CD will have original Worship Team music or a compilation of songs played throughout the year.


Music Ministry 2010

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