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Don’t Quit When Things Get Tough

There are many days when I want to walk away from the things I work on. I received this blog post from John Maxwell (one of my favorite pastors who teach about leadership). June marks the middle of the year where I look back and analyze where I am with my goals. At that point I want to quit many of the things I think I’ve failed. This post just inspired me to keep going.
Many people make decisions when things aren’t going well. They look for relief in the despair of the valley instead of waiting for the clarity that comes from being on the mountaintop. Why? Because it takes a lot of effort to get to the mountaintop. And when you’re experiencing the darkness of the valley, it’s always tempting to make changes that you hope will relieve the discomfort. My advice may be counter intuitive, but quitting during a struggle is rarely a good idea. The best time to make decisions is when you’re succeeding. If you fight your way through the valley, you’ll make better decisions at the top of the mountain. Here’s why:
  • You can see your situation more clearly.
  • You are moving to something, not just from something.
  • You leave those around you in a better position.
  • You decide using positive data, not negative.
  • You are more likely to move from peak to peak instead of valley to valley.
So what should you do in the valley? Persevere. If you keep fighting, you’re likely to get your second wind, just as distance runners do. And it’s said that only when runners are exhausted enough to reach that place do they find out what they can truly accomplish. If you keep persevering while you are in the valley, not only will you likely make it to the higher ground where you can make better decisions, but you will also have developed character, which will serve you well throughout life.

References: http://johnmaxwellonleadership.com/2010/06/03/dont-quit-during-training/

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