Worship Team in Action

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Team Links

Trina’s Line Up: May 19, 2013

Let God Arise (key of C) – http://youtu.be/SaLckqfvZHQ

You’ll Come (key of E) – http://youtu.be/dBYI5AqkV5I

With Everything (key of C) – http://youtu.be/4J9jNneZtY4

Jesus At The Center (key of C) – http://youtu.be/ES96YsNtCHY

Evelyn’s Line Up: May 12, 2013

2. MADE ME GLAD                =  “G”
3. HERE IN MY LIFE               = “A”
4. THE STAND (PreChorus/Chorus)   = “A”
5. SHOUT TO THE LORD (Chorus Only)= “A”
SPECIAL NUMBER SONG BY:   Bridgepoint Choir (Women)
 L/O = Children

Ria’s Line Up: May 3, 2013

Our God is Greater


I Will Exalt You

Ria’s Line Up: May 5, 2013

happy day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVxS3xyGBOQ

blessed be Your name

like incense, sometimes by step
i will exalt You
l/o: a million suns (i’ll figure out a shortened version)


Jonathan’s Line Up: April 28, 2013

Break Free
Your Love Never Fails
Lead Me to the Cross
From the Inside Out