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Jackie’s Line Up: September 1, 2013

Something I’ve been dwelling on lately is the consistency and unchanging nature of God (also known as immutability). Because of God’s perfect nature, he can’t change because it’s not possible for him to improve or diminish in any way. For that reason, God is constant in all aspects, including our relationship with Him. He is unchanging in his love to us and for that I’m really thankful. Even in our shaky moments or when we struggle to be consistent in our walk, God is there, ever committed to our relationship. It’s comforting to know we have  a reliable and loving God 🙂

Here’s our lineup for the week:

Your Love Never Fails (Newsboys version)

Your Grace is Enough

I Will Exalt You

One Thing Remains


I’d like to try “On Fire” by Switchfoot if that’s at all possible! Let me know if it’s too short of notice, we could also work something else out  🙂

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