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Claudette’s Line Up: February 12, 2017

A bouquet of thanks to all of you who have bestowed upon me your incredible thoughtfulness, kindness, sincerity and love during this difficult time of my mother’s passing.  Now I know exactly how the Guzmans feel about losing Tita Linda; but with this loss comes a stronger dependence on the Lord Jesus Christ who is the greatest comforter and encourager of them all.  May we all learn how to trust Him more and not hesitate to lift up our burdens, large or small for He knows our issues even before we bring them forth; but it gives the Lord greater consolation in knowing you are reaching out with your hands so He could hold you with a lasting embrace.  Hallelujah!   Have a joyful week and I look forward to seeing you at practice Saturday morning at 10:00 am.  PS:  I am quite thrilled as we will be joined by Raquel Montano who was a worship leader at her former church.  


Today is the Day


Lord you Are Good /Friend of God

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpoBDOx-WcA&list=RDs_ix2j9YPa0&index=2   (let’s do a simpler, shorter version,  or if too long, we could just do Lord You Are Good)



For You Alone



Through It All




O Praise the Name




YAY Special # (Aaron Calpo, lead)

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