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Worship Team Meeting Minutes

  1. Christmas service program.
    1. 3 choir songs headed by Ria
    2. Choir has 3 songs
    3. L/O
    4. Kids song as finale – Christmas Day
  2. Band leader replacement.
    1. Mia needs to work with worship leader (Ryan) – completed
    2. Katrina has been sending out the leadsheets. Will Skype with musicians.
    3. Worship leaders should know their keys. It would be nice if they can send out the songs 2 weeks before.

  3. Christmas party.
    1. January 17 at Church Noon

  4. 2015 planning. Ex:  teamwork; fund raising; outreach; bible study.
    1. We can talk about this in the beginning of the year.
    2. Team building decide by core group.

    3. Set a deadline on types of events.

    4. Send out the blast on types of team building (Ryan).

      1. We can do a benefit or community concert. Mics $800
      2. Keyboard $2,000

  • Speakers $2,000

  1. Amps $1,000
  2. Total: $7,000
  3. Community event – Christian bands

  • Union Square – Ryan will check up to see if we can do this again.
  • Evelyn suggests that next year instead of choir to carol, to have worship team  do it $100/home,  $1200 pastor said we shouldn’t collect; if they give it will be for anniversary fund

  1. Team bldg, leadership shd set a deadline, collect suggestions for kind of events; ; pose  question to the team;

  1. Announce the need of workers.
    1. Need more singers
    2. Instrumentalists
    3. Youth will handle first Friday.
  2. Update the Music ministry information in the BCC website.
    1. Trina will update bios
    2. Add schedule
    3. Evelyn will send choir info to Ryan
    4. Katrina will collect more information about the band and send to Ryan. Ria could possibly take pictures.

  3. Revival of worship team.

  4. Scheduling protocols; advanced notifications, etc
    1. Bible Study will ask Edo for ideas.  Elmer will have a task
    2. Half hour so everyone is on the same page.

    3. Scheduled rotation. Maybe mandatory meeting.

    4. Quarterly Devotions.

    5. Leadership should make it valuable for people to want to attend. Perhaps have Edo lead the first devotion.

    6. Think of something creative.



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Christmas Party 2012

Music Ministry Meeting Notes – November 2012

Music Ministry
Meeting Minutes
Date: November 10, 2012
1. Succession Planning
a. Ryan will pass on the passwords and other information to Jackie and Jerald.
b. Ryan, Jerald, and Jackie will work on finding someone to watch how they work.
2. Youth Band
a. The youth are scheduled to play at the end of November and December.
b. Include Ardel into the regular schedule and maybe even have him play for all L/O songs.
3. Thanksgiving
a. We will prepare 3 songs on thanks. Ria’s lead.
b. The choir will prepare the L/O song.
4. Christmas Party
a. Date/Time: December 1, 2012/4PM-9PM
b. Location: Claudette’s house
c. Invitation will be sent via Evite by Claudette.
d. Potluck: handled by Evite except Jerald will bring ham.
e. Games: White Elephant where the prize is unisex and will not cost more than $15.
f. We will assign teams of: Setup and cleanup.
5. Christmas Service
a. Date: December 23, 2012
b. We will start off with a regular service and then the choir will handle the rest.
c. Elmer will lead in the preparation of the stage. The stage will be cleared on Friday, December 21.
d. The choir will sing Joy to the World so let’s make sure not to overlap.
e. Christmas songs starting on December 2.
6. New Year’s Service
a. Date: January 6, 2013
b. Trina will lead that service.
7. Choir Requests
a. The choir would like to see support from the whole Music Ministry at their outreach events.
b. Evelyn will send out the schedule of events.
8. Outreach and Projections of 2013
a. Collaborate with SOS Ministries and try to do Union Square.
b. Work more with the choir. Plan on Easter service with full Music Ministry.
c. Collaborate with other church bands on a fundraising idea
d. Schedule picnic, but depends on the efforts made for the WIN-SV and Bridgepoint Family Camp.
e. We need more fundraising efforts in 2013.
f. Nikki will need help doing an outside sound for her wedding.