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Music Ministry Director

The music ministry director will organize and lead the music ministry of the church and assist the pastor during worship service.
Ministry Area/Department Music
Position Music Ministry Director
Accountable To Pastor
Ministry Target Congregation
Position Volunteer
Position May Be Filled By Church member
Minimum Maturity Level Stable, maturing Christian
Spiritual Gifts Administration, Exhortation, Pastor/shepherd
Talents or Abilities Desired Good leadership skills, Organizer, Experience in directing a choir or musical group
Best Personality Traits Dependable, Consistent, Neat, Good character, Organized
Passion For Exalting God, encouraging others and influencing the lost through music.
Length of Service Commitment One year minimum

Anticipated Time Commitments
  1. Doing ministry/preparing for ministry: Forty hours a week (if paid full-time); more during special events
  2. Participating in meetings/training:one hour a week

  1. Oversee the entire music ministry of the church.
  2. Organize, maintain and update the music library.
  3. Schedule and direct weekly and special rehearsals.
  4. Select music and direct special groups and solos.
  5. Provide training for choirs and musical groups.
  6. Recruit new members for the music ministry.
  7. Select and coordinate congregational songs with sermon topics and seasonal themes. Lead congregational singing.
  8. Arrange for special music during every regular service-either by adult choir, special musical groups, soloists, youth or children’s choirs.
  9. Maintain musical instruments and arrange for tuning and upkeep.
  10. Supervise praise team, band, and technical team.
  11. Plan and direct Christmas and Easter musicals.
  12. Coordinate with sound technician as needed.
  13. Oversee budget and expenditures for the music ministry.