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Music Ministry Guidelines

Be punctual

To meet rehearsal expectations, arrive early. A good general rule to follow is to allow 15 minutes setup time. This allows time to catch up with each other before the work begins. When this is not possible, it is the member’s responsibility to contact the director, praise team leader, or band leader and advise them of the situation.

A 9:00 rehearsal starts at 9:00.

Starting on time has many benefits:
  • Everyone knows you keep your word, and respects their time.
  • Every one is treated the same way, you start no matter who is missing.
  • You automatically increase rehearsal time.

Be prepared

Instrumentalists should bring all necessary equipment, etc. This means cables, picks, tuners, capos, drum keys (for tightening/loosening drum heads), valve oil (for horns), reeds for woodwinds, whatever else you need to play your instrument.

Vocalists should warm up. Try some easy 5-note runs slowly in a comfortable range for your voice. Get you lungs moving and practice some “he-he-he-he-he” breathing. So when rehearsal starts you’ll be ready.

Be polite

When the music stops, stop playing. Do not begin talking. Wait for the Worship Leader to give instructions. Patience in rehearsal always becomes confidence later,when it’s time to play.

When rehearsal is finished, don’t leave paper out for someone else to pick up. You don’t want the room to be a mess when you need to rehearse, so clean it up when finished.

Offer to pray for your rehearsal time, or share a verse or encouraging word. This can help everyone relax and remember you are working toward a common goal.