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Stephanie Canlas

What’s your favorite Bible verse?
1 Timothy 4:12 and Romans 12:28

How did you join the team?
My dad and I are both musicians, so after he joined the team, he encouraged me to join as well. I was hesitant at first, but after really learning the importance of worship, it’s become something of a passion.

What one word would you use to describe yourself?
“young.” hahah, literally, mentally, spiritually, emotionally… every interpretation of the word.

What one word would your friends use to describe you?
“bubbly.” I get that most often.

What is your first memory of Bridgepoint?
Going to service in a movie theater. I was still in elementary school and I was stuck to my parents sides because I was too shy and scared to hang out with the other youth.

Who would you like to see in concert?
Adele, Phil Wickham, John Mayer, Paul McCartney, Feist… the list is endless.

What was the last concert you attended?
The last concert I attended was for Hillsong United in Boston, MA. They were amazing.

Best memory at Bridgepoint?
One sunday I led worship, and I remember closing my eyes. We were playing Here in My Life, and when I opened my eyes, the pews were completely full, and practically everyone was singing and raising their hands. That was an awesome and humbling worship experience.

Favorite place to travel?
Haven’t been to many places, but New York was pretty fun.

What are you reading right now?
I am currently juggling 3 graphic novels (Batman & Robin Reborn, American Born Chinese, and DC the New Frontier), Fellowship of the Ring, and Real Worship.

What would your ideal vacation be?
My ideal vacation would be packed with activity. I like relaxing, but I can’t be a vegetable for too long.
I guess it would either involve a bustling city, like New York, or somewhere in Europe. I would go with friends or cousins, and by day we’d explore and then we’d retire to a nice cafe for conversation.

What 3 things can’t you live without?
Coffee, Thai food, and music.

What equipment do you use?
Juno-G Roland Keyboard, a Martin Guitar named Chief, and a Kala Ukulele named Bartholomew.

What’s your favorite song we play?
This is Our God is still my favorite. Here in My Life and Arms Open Wide are tied for second.