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Claudette’s Line Up: October 8, 2017


Trading My Sorrows


This is Living Now. (We will go faster, No rapping)



How Great is Our God


How Great Thou Art (Jojo version)


Love Offering

Did you feel the mountain Tremble


Jonathan’s Line Up: September 24, 2017

Hello everyone,

It’s great to be leading again after a while. Going from the back of the band to the front is always a strange transition for me, especially when I don’t do it that often, but I am definitely blessed for every opportunity to do this.

I do lead every couple months these days which puts me in a pretty interesting situation each time. I spend time meditating on God’s word and think about what he’s been teaching me lately. I really try to feel what God’s message is that he wants me to say in my line up. And usually I’ll feel it and it’ll come to me. And the thing about leading every couple months is that I get to look back on the past couple months and think about what has changed in my life. I think about how God is working in my life and the situation he has put me in. It’s those things I really reflect on and think about when making my line ups.

But this time, I felt stuck. I felt stuck because I don’t feel like much has changed since the last time I led. In fact, it doesn’t feel like much has changed since the first time I led when I was 16. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. Physically, I’ve change. I’ve learned more, seen more, experienced more. But what hasn’t changed is that I’m still working towards something, and I still can’t say I’ve seen even a sliver of light at the end of that tunnel. I’ve always worked towards something, but I always feel like I come up empty handed. In high school I wanted my band to go far and be successful, but we ended up breaking up after 5 years. Going into college I wanted to be a creative writing major and then a film major. But seemed like an impractical subject to major in so I put all my effort into being a sociology major. And I was good at it too. I thought, there’s no way I could possibly mess this one up. My sociology classes came to me almost too easily, and I began to feel like God had finally revealed to me my purpose in life. But just like that, that was taken from me too. And I really wondered if God was actually looking out for me or pulling some sick joke on me. I was so good at sociology, and I enjoyed studying it. I had all my transfer credits ready and I expected to be moving into a university far from home right about now. But it never happened. And so I feel like I’m back where I started when I was 16, writing my first email to you guys about how I was going to sing Deep Cries Out and Rise and Sing on Sunday, and how life was tough but I was working through it. Only now, I’m writing to you all as a 21 year old who just started his fourth year of community college.

I really pondered about this the past couple days. I thought about where I was the last time I led, where I was a year ago, and where I was when I was 16. And for a while I didn’t see much difference between those times. But it wasn’t until today that God finally revealed to me what has changed over these past couple years: I failed so much more. And to a lot of people that sounds pretty depressing, and you might think I’m crazy for having this epiphany. But when God reminded me how much more I’ve failed these past couple years, I didn’t look at it with my head down saying, “you’re right god, I’m a failure.” I looked back on all the times I failed and thought about how little time it took for me experience all of that. I’m only 21, and I feel like I’ve already experienced like half of a lifetime of failures. I know I’m still young (to those of you reading this and thinking about how I haven’t experienced enough yet) but I’ve really gone through some awful times already. But I didn’t look back on it that way. The first thing I thought was, I can fail at anything, so I might as well do what I really want and what I feel like God has meant for me to do all along. I also thought about how much it hurts to fail and that its the kind of pain I can endure over and over again if I have to because God will get me through it every time. But more importantly, God always reveals to me the meaning behind each of my failures. It usually takes a while, but I see it every time. And I’m not going to lie, the pain of failure is terrible, especially when it happens so often. But God has given me these failures as lessons and motivation to keep going, which isn’t something I would have been able to see when I was 16. Because coming up from those failures will feel so much better knowing where I was before.

So it turns out a lot has changed since the last time I led. And I still have a lot to sing about and to praise God about. It’s hard, but God has us all here for a reason. And as I’m reminded constantly as long as I’m not wearing long sleeves, we are capable of anything with God who strengthens us.

Here is the line up:

The First and the Last

God is Able

Gracious Tempest

Forever Reign

Ria’s Line Up: September 10, 2017

Blessed be the Name Key: G

Relentless Key: C (I think)

Christ is enough https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9fTw9MLKAo Key: C (I think)

Claudette’s LIne Up: September 3, 2017


You are Holy (prince of peace)


For who You Are



Here in my Life


Jesus Lover of my soul



Thank You


Claudette’s Line Up: August 27, 2017