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Evelyn’s Line Up: May 7, 2017

1. NEW DOXOLOGY  “C” (Intro)

2. YOU ARE GOOD  “G”  (Israel Houghton style)



5. MAJESTY “G”  (Michael W. Smith)

L/O:  THE LION AND THE LAMB   “G”  capo 4

Anna’s Line Up: April 30, 2017

This morning (technically yesterday) I asked the Lord which songs He wanted me to lead for Sunday worship. These songs instantly came up when I started listening to music and worshiping Him. This week I’d like to focus more on closeness to and trust in Jesus. Something my fellowship on campus is practicing right now is scripture memorization and application.

Psalm 46:1-2

“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea.”

Eventually I’d like to memorize the whole chapter. However, just memorizing a piece of God’s word and applying it to my life right now has made me feel a lot closer to Him. Waking up in the morning knowing that there is nothing to fear makes me feel so at ease, as if I am carried and cradled by the Lord every day. If you haven’t tried scripture memorization and application, I highly encourage you to try it out!! It’s an amazing experience, you won’t regret it. I just want to praise and worship Him this Sunday, and I look forward to worshiping our risen Lord with you all!!

Practice: Saturday, 4/29 @10am
  1. Come Now is the Time to Worship C

  1. Open the Eyes of My Heart C https://youtu.be/idQ1n3cdgfo

  1. Jesus Lover of my Soul E

  1. And That My Soul Knows Very Well D


LO: Jesson & Mia’s song!!

Claudette’s Line Up: April 23, 2017


This is Amazing Grace





Thank You (((Hillsong)))




Majesty. (Just two sets)



Forever Reign. (Abridged. Version)))

Anna’s Line Up: April 16, 2017

Tim Hughes – Happy Day G

Hillsong – Alive in Us G

I Love You Lord E


Hillsong – The Stand E

Jonathan’s Line Up: April 8, 2017

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is having a great week so far. It’s been a while since I’ve led, and I am always grateful for the opportunity to do so.

I feel as though the timing of my leading this week is almost coincidental. I recently received my response from San Diego State University, my top choice, saying I was not accepted to transfer in the fall. It hit me very hard, since I planned on being there in the fall. Now, I feel as though I need to figure out what I want to do all over again. But more than that, it hurts to know that I put so much hard work these past three years in community college only to come to this result. While it is frustrating that it all had to come to this, I remain hopeful knowing that this was just another way of God putting me on the right path. I know that I am headed towards something much greater than San Diego and that sociology degree I thought I wanted. And amidst all the disappointment and pain I feel because of this, I am happy because this only means that something better is in store for me.

It’s times like this when I am needed a reminder of God’s guidance and the strength he provides me, and thankfully I have the reminder on me always. It’s verses like Jeremiah 29:11 and of course Philippians 4:13 that remind me that God is with me throughout all of this and that there is absolutely no way I can fail. My rejection letter itself was not a failure, but a giant step in the right direction. And for all of this, I am thankful because God is with me.

Here is the line up for this week:

Salvation is Here
The First and the Last
Broken Vessels
10,000 Reasons

LO-Hula ministry special number