Worship Team in Action

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Team Links

Trina’s Line Up: November 2, 2012 – Prayer Night

Hear Our Praises
How Great Is Our God
His Glory Appears

Jackie’s Line Up: October 28, 2012

-For Who You Are
-First and the Last
-None But Jesus
-Set a Fire

Claudette’s Line Up: October 21, 2012

Today is the Day
You are Holy
One Thing Remains
My Tribute
How Great is Our God

Ria’s Line Up: October 14, 2012

One Day

Love so high
Oh Lord you’re beautiful
How great you are

Evelyn’s Line Up: October 7, 2012

1. One Day “G”
2. Hear Our Praises “G”
3. Dwelling Places “G”
4. I Give You My Heart “G”

L/O: Give Thanks “G”